How to fall in love with your reflection again without beauty injections?
A guide of face transformation by Regina Gimranova
Self love
What is the value of guide?
90% practice without overloaded theory
You'll exactly see the results as I explain the techniques in detail
Instant and long-term effect after regular exercises
Materials in use remain forever
Detailed guide with the exercises and a little bit of theory
Shining face, open look, even posture
More defined oval of the face, reduced nasolabial folds and jowls, reduced frown lines, high cheekbones, reduced double chin.
Facial yoga exercises have two effects
Instant result.
Long-term effect.
You want to change the state of your face with the help of facial exercises.
You are able to make 15 min for self-love in the morning.
You are ready to take small steps towards the best version of yourself.
Skin diseases: eczema, pustular, fungal diseases, flat warts and other acute skin diseases;

Inflammatory disease of the facial and trigeminal nerve, neuropathy (acute conditions);

Viral, infectious diseases: runny nose, otitis media, tonsils, bronchitis and others;
Lymphatic system diseases

Tumoral diseases;

Cerebrovascular diseases;

Hypertensio grade 3;

All diseases that are active or acute
• 27 exercises for all muscles with detailed analysis
• 54-page guide "Self-love" to face transformation
• Access to materials forever

If you have any questions, contact us
Everyone can cope with the exercises because of detailed instruction
You need only cork and cap
Everyone can allocate 15 minutes in the morning for themselves and their youth
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